Thursday, September 23, 2010


Math Teaching Tips

5 Way To Make Math Fun

In this video we give you five quick ideas to help put smiles on the faces in your math classes. Play video
1. Shopping Games - Students love to buy things. What a great way to learn math facts quickly and with purpose.
2. Create Math Projects That Relate Locally - Pulling a students' everyday life into the classroom makes a big difference.
3. Make Word Problems With Things That Hit Home - For example you could include the names of students in the class, current movies, current bands, and pop icons. Kids will take notice.
4. Get Them Moving - Use a tactile approach to learn math as much as possible. Also include activities that require students to gather their own data. Come up with fun physical challenges.
5. Use Technology - There are tons of math games online available. Include spreadsheets and their use in your projects as much as possible. Don't be afraid to create or use a great web quest.

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